Motivating Your Students With Modern Music Teacher Resources

Posted on Dec 11

Modern Music Teacher Online Resources

Sometimes music students can get exhausted and uninterested while studying music lessons. Music teachers need to be imaginative and creative to keep students interested in music lessons which should be fun and fascinating. Students should be actively engaged in the classroom talks and exercises.

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Music Teacher Studio Invoicing, Billing and Payment

Posted on Sep 28

Invoicing, Billing and Payment management for Music Teacher Studio

Billing is very important for your busy music teacher studio.

LessonBiz is an online music teacher billing solution that helps keep track of invoicing, billing and payment for your Music Teacher Studio. 

Track Music Teachers Studio Income and Expenses

music teacher studio transactions

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Music Teacher Studio Calendar for Lesson Schedule

Posted on Sep 17

  Lesson Schedule with Music Teacher Studio Calendar

Have you ever experienced student no-show problem? LessonBiz online calendar will help you with lesson scheduling!

Create and edit lessons in Calendar and set event attendance. Both you and your students see the same online calendar with all scheduled events. You need no more phone calls to re-schedule lessons!

music teacher studio calendar

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Music Teacher Studio Student Management

Posted on Sep 12

Music Teacher Studio Studens

LessonBiz makes it easy to manage students for a music teaching studio by keeping all student information in one place.

Student Tab shows your students by Category. You can add or edit student or parent details here. There are several student categories: Active, Former, Waiting, Prospects etc. The first category 'Active' is fixed and our pricing system is based on the number of 'Active students'. The rest of the student category list can be edited and expanded

music teacher studio students

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Music Teacher Studio Software

Posted on Aug 25

Music Teacher Studio Software

I believe that most of music teachers do not like the scheduling, bookkeeping and billing aspects of their studio. Managing a private music teaching business can be hard while dealing with family of students, scheduling lessons as well as tracking student's progress and keeping parents informed. Music teachers have to find the time to keep spreadsheet or even handwritten records. They would rather focus on practicing and teaching students!

music teacher studio online software

How music teachers can keep everything in order with their busy lesson schedule, billing and payments? It should be easy for music teachers, parents and students to schedule lessons, set and view lesson attendance and keep track of billing.

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