Music Teacher Studio Calendar for Lesson Schedule

Posted on Sep 17

  Lesson Schedule with Music Teacher Studio Calendar

Have you ever experienced student no-show problem? LessonBiz online calendar will help you with lesson scheduling!

Create and edit lessons in Calendar and set event attendance. Both you and your students see the same online calendar with all scheduled events. You need no more phone calls to re-schedule lessons!

music teacher studio calendar

Online Lesson Calendar

LessonBiz calendar interface has Day, 4-Days, Week, Month, 6-Months views. You can schedule private lessons as well as recitals and group events. Every calendar event has  event type and event location for filtering and reporting. Event type and location lists are color-coded and can be customized and expanded. You have an option to create recurring events to repeat them daily, weekly, monthly, etc. It is possible to block out one or multiple dates. To have a hard copy of your schedule you may print out or save to a file the current filtered calendar view.

Automatic Lesson Reminders

There are automatic lesson Email and/or SMS(text) reminders for every scheduled event to fight missed lesson problem. Email and SMS messages are editable template-based to fill all event details. Reminder messages will be send to the student's Lesson Contact and optionally to you. You may set different reminder moment (hours/days) in advance for both Email and SMS.

music teacher studio schedule lesson

Lesson Attendance Tracking

While reconciling lessons you set the event attendance (scheduled, attended, canceled, missed) and write down public and private lesson notes. Private lesson notes can be optionally send to the student's Lesson Contact Email via customizable letter template. LessonBiz system allows separate reconciliation in group events with individual attendance and lesson notes. 

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