Music Teacher Studio Invoicing, Billing and Payment

Posted on Sep 28

Invoicing, Billing and Payment management for Music Teacher Studio

Billing is very important for your busy music teacher studio.

LessonBiz is an online music teacher billing solution that helps keep track of invoicing, billing and payment for your Music Teacher Studio. 

Track Music Teachers Studio Income and Expenses

music teacher studio transactions

Transactions Tab shows fees, payments and balances for all students as well as for a particular student/family. Charges are calendar events with status 'attended' (and 'missed' – according to your cancelation policy). It is possible to enter some extra fees. Payments can be entered manually here or automatically set by online students payments.

Manual and Automatic Online Lesson Invoices

music teacher studio student lesson invoices

Easily create and send by Email Excel-templated Invoices to your students for past or future period of time. 

music teacher studio student lesson invoices setup

Invoice form is based on an Excel file so you can insert your logo image and custom format just everything in it! It is possible to have a list of Excel templates to create invoices for special needs.

music teacher studio student lesson invoices Excel template

Once created invoices can be emailed, printed, exported to XLS and PDF file format or deleted. 

music teacher studio student lesson invoices in Excel

music teacher studio student lesson invoices in PDF

Accept Credit Card for Online Lesson Payments

It is very simple to accept credit card lesson payments online with PayPal. All you need is to enter the email of your Paypal Premier or Business account. If you use this option, invoices will have a link for Paypal online secure payment. Students or parents can pay just from invoice Email or from the online studio account. 

It is also necessary to input PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) URL in your PayPal account linking to (see Settings Tab) for payments to be automatically entered to LessonBiz as well as 'After Pay URL' for system screen update.

You will get a notifying email with payment receipt.

music teacher studio student lesson invoices pay online

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