Music Teacher Studio Student Management

Posted on Sep 12

Music Teacher Studio Studens

LessonBiz makes it easy to manage students for a music teaching studio by keeping all student information in one place.

Student Tab shows your students by Category. You can add or edit student or parent details here. There are several student categories: Active, Former, Waiting, Prospects etc. The first category 'Active' is fixed and our pricing system is based on the number of 'Active students'. The rest of the student category list can be edited and expanded

music teacher studio students

Student Family Setup

Each student can belong to a family or be an adult student. The number of family members is not restricted. It is possible to set separate parent records in a family. Mother or father or any other relative may have different last name or any other contact details. Any family member can be assigned as Financial Contact and will get email or text notifications regarding invoices and lesson payment only. A family member with Lesson Contact status gets only scheduling and lesson information notifications. 

music teacher studio students input

Lesson Fee System

It is possible to charge students "per lesson", "flat fee" or use both. You can set default lesson   cost – this lesson price will appear while adding a new student for a lesson. You may bill the same “flat fee” (month) amount independent of how many lessons are attended. When billing lessons by a "flat period" monthly rate, it is practical to set start and end billing dates to exclude a period of inactivity (summer time). 

Account access control

You can control access to the secure family/student on-line Music Studio account by assigning Username and Password. Parents can login into the Music Studio Web site with restricted access to their family information only and see lesson schedule, check transaction history and make online payments.

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