Start your private lesson business

Posted on Jul 29

 Start your private lesson business!

  • Do you like slaving at a job you hate?
  • Are you sick and tired of working for somebody else?
  • Do you find it terrible that a boss can take away your income in no time?

Do not spend your time at a job you do not like. If you are ready to stop being dependent upon a job then this is the moment to start a new life!

Wouldn’t life be so much more enjoyable if you were earning your living doing something you love?

If you have got skills and knowledge that others would like to learn then you have got the foundation for your own lesson business! There are a lot of subjects that could be the basis for a successful private lesson business.

Start private lesson business part time

You can keep a full time job and start teaching some private lessons after work or on your free time. Soon the private lesson income will match the day job money.
It is the right time to quit the day job for good!

Start private lesson business with no capital

I believe that any private lesson business can be started with no capital at all.

Learn from somebody who is already in this business to apply the same techniques. It is rather easy to run with help of basic common sense.

To automate the process as much as possible is the best way to run it. You definitively need an online software system to help you with:

  • Web site to promote your lessons and communicate with parents and students
  • Online student sign up and contact form
  • Lesson scheduling calendar with lesson notifications by Email and SMS(text)
  • Record lesson attendance and send notes to parents and students
  • Create and send Excel-templated invoices.
  • Run reports, export data to Excel or PDF

This is the best way to manage your private lessons!

Think about it…

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