Student account

Flexible fee system

LessonBiz allows different billing methods for each student. Student can pay for every attended lesson or/and a flat fee for a period of time. Family-based billing group all multiple students charges into family invoice. The system can track other Fees and Credits besides lessons. Parents and Student can login to check Transaction and Payment history and see how much they owe.

Student lessons invoices

Automatic Invoicing

Setup invoices to carry forward balances or charges from the current period. Generate invoices from the system yourself or setup an automatic invoicing schedule. The invoices will be created at given moment ready to be auto E-mailed. Invoices are Excel-templated for professional customization with your logo and payment instructions.


Online Payments

With a PayPal account - you can accept PayPal and credit card students payments online. You may setup your Paypal account to notify LessonBiz through Paypal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) service, so your students payments will automatically be entered into LessonBiz online system.

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